Pathway Church

Pathway Church was founded in 1989 as Greater Gresham Baptist Church. They changed their name in early 2017. God has blessed this church by sending growth its way, even in the midst of the non-Christian culture that permeates the Northwest. In the last couple of years, as many churches close their doors, Pathway has continued to grow. 

Two churches, rather than close their doors, have given their property to Pathway so they can use them as satellite campuses. This is where GABC's partnership with Pathway comes in.

People from all religious backgrounds, including those who have never attended church, find authentic and meaningful worship and relevant teaching to help them thrive during the week. Pathway Church is not high pressure, but clearly communicates “next steps” so you’ll know what to do when you’re ready.

-Pathway Church

Sandy Campus Launch

Orient Drive Baptist Church recently gave their property to Pathway Church hoping PC can bring a thriving ministry to Sandy, Oregon. During summer 2017, GABC is sending teams to Sandy to renovate and help launch the Sandy Campus. GABC South is leading the last group, which will be helping with outreach, prayer walking, a Sunday morning test-run, and an outreach event for the community. 

Portland Trip Information

  • Date & Location

    Sandy, Oregon

    August 10-15

    Sandy, Oregon is a small mountain community about 30 miles east of downtown Portland. The beauty of Oregon is all around, including Mt. Hood. 

    The team will fly out of Dallas and arrive in Portland on August 10th, and make the reverse trip on the 15th. A package rate will be available soon. Team members who would like to add on a couple of extra days before or after the trip dates are welcome to do so at their added cost. 

    The team will be staying in a hotel that is yet to be determined. The cost for the hotel will be included in the trip cost.

  • Cost & Payment

    The estimated cost for the trip is $780 if GABC makes arrangements for your travel. The breakdown for this cost is:

    $405 - Flight with American Airlines

    $375 - Hotel at Comfort Suites (Based on Double Occupancy)

    Breakfast will be provided at the hotel. The remainder of the food will be at reasonably priced restaurants throughout the week. Your food purchases will be your responsibility.

    If you would like to arrange your own travel, you may. If you need transportation from the airport, try to arrive by 12:00PM at the latest.

    The first payment is due once you sign up for the trip. The final payment is due by July 15.

  • Registration

    You can register using GABC 's Managed Missions website. When you arrive at the site, you will need to create a login and profile. When you reach the "Preferred Trip" page, select "Pathways Church Outreach." From there, you will be able to complete an application and see what other information is needed. You will also be able to make payments for the trip. 

    If you have additional questions about the trip, please contact South Campus Pastor, Dustin Slaton.