Worship at Green Acres South is a time where the whole congregation comes together to lay our focus on the Lord. When you come to the worship service, you will experience a joyful blended worship style. Our worship team does an excellent job of incorporating modern worship songs with the classics you have grown up loving. We often have a time of focused prayer, which is a time to remind ourselves we are dependent upon our Savior and to humble ourselves before him.



Worship is much more than music. Another facet of the worship service is the time that we spend studying the Scripture. Our preaching team of Dr. David Dykes, Dr. Michael Gossett, and Dustin Slaton bring a Biblical message each Sunday, that takes us to the heart of the text of God's Word and applies it to our daily lives. We leave challenged and encouraged by the message each week.

Worship: Response

Worship is not complete until we respond to God. It demonstrates our submission to God and our dependance upon him. At the conclusion of each service, people are given an opportunity to respond in whatever way the Spirit has laid on their hearts. 

How can you respond? 


The primary ways to respond are through surrendering your life to Christ by accepting his gift of salvation. You can find out more about giving your life to Christ by clicking here.


Another response is to be baptized. Many people come to Green Acres from different Christian denominational backgrounds. These different denominations have varied beliefs about baptism, what it means and what it does. We believe it is for believers, is the first act of obedience after salvation, and is a picture of the spiritual reality of our old life dying to Christ and being raised in new life in Christ. You can find out more about baptism by clicking here.


Membership in the church is not like joining a country club. People join a country club for the membership perks. People join a church to be a part of it's mission of service, discipleship and evangelism. We believe that every member is a minister, and believe that God has given each member a role to play in the church.

You can join Green Acres Baptist Church in three primary ways: by letter from another church, by statement of your belief in Christ and having followed him in baptism, or you can join by baptism, stating your faith in Christ and then being baptized. 


We invite people to come forward to pray at the end of each service. Prayers at the front are no more powerful than prayer in your seat. However, sometimes incorporating the physical act of kneeling at the "altar" helps to humbly focus our prayers on our Savior.

Worship: GIving

Worship is also shown in giving back to God. Psalm 24:1 says "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters." (NIV) In other words, God already owns everything. He doesn't need your money. Yet, by giving our tithes and offerings, we demonstrate dependance upon God and declare that he is worthy of receiving what we have. Malachi 3:10 tells us to give our tithe (10%) to the Lord and he promises he will bless our lives. Giving to God is the one way in which Scripture invites us to test God in his promise. 

We place our time of giving in the center of the worship service between the song portion and the preaching time. We also have an offering receptacle near the front door where people can place their offerings on their way in or out of worship.

You may also give online using your bank's automatic payment or using GABC's online giving. If you are giving as a member or contributor at the South Campus, you must indicate this by putting "South Campus" in the memo line of your gift.

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