Wednesday evening bible study

Around here, we call it "WEBS" for short. Wednesday Evening Bible Study is led by Campus Pastor Dustin Slaton, and each week we tackle a portion of Scripture to see what it has to say to us as individuals and as a church. Sometimes we go through a whole book, and sometimes we take a topical approach. Either way, the study of the inerrant Word of God is the focus. 

WEBS is also a time where we come together as a group to pray for specific needs from inside and outside our church. 

Journey to the Cross with Jesus

Passion Week

The final days leading up to the cross were full of meaningful moments. In this study, take the journey to the cross with Jesus to see why he did the things he did and to uncover what he meant by the things he said. 

Have you ever wondered why he rode in on a donkey? Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? Why did Jesus predict Peter's denial?

This study will answer those questions, and more!

Join us March 20 - April 24 for this great look at Jesus' Passion Week.

Join us live on our Facebook page each Wednesday night. We go live after prayer time, which usually means around 6:15.

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