Wednesday evening bible study

Around here, we call it "WEBS" for short. Wednesday Evening Bible Study is led by Campus Pastor Dustin Slaton, and each week we tackle a portion of Scripture to see what it has to say to us as individuals and as a church. Sometimes we go through a whole book, and sometimes we take a topical approach. Either way, the study of the inerrant Word of God is the focus. 

WEBS is also a time where we come together as a group to pray for specific needs from inside and outside our church. 

Does it really mean that?

In the right context

Unfortunately, believers throughout the ages have been notorious for taking verses out of context and applying them in ways they were never intended. Some of our most beloved applications are ill-informed, misguided, or...just plain wrong.

Join us this Fall as we look at the context of these verses. We'll consider them in light of their surrounding paragraphs, their place in their book, and in the ongoing biblical narrative.

In The Right Context will be Wednesdays from September 4 to November 20 at 6:00PM.

If you can't be here in person, join us Live on Facebook around 6PM.

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Other WEBS Studies

  • Green Acres Senior Pastor David Dykes and Teaching Pastor Michael Gossett share in-depth messages each Wednesday evening at the GABC Tyler Campus.

  • A study of some of eleven of Jesus' parables, taught by various members of the GABC Ministerial Staff.

  • A chronological journey with Jesus from the Triumphal Entry to his Ascension.

  • A verse by verse study on Psalm 23.

  • An overview of biblical Christian theology.

  • A Verse by Verse study of 1 John.

  • A study of Biblical Manhood.

  • A study of the Book of Judges.

  • A Verse by Verse study of Malachi.

  • A study of Jesus' I Am statements.

  • A study of God's dwelling places from Genesis to Revelation.

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