Iron Sharpens Iron...

Green Acres South's Men's Ministry is a ministry that is intentional. The goal is to build men of Godly character and influence, and our theme verse is Proverbs 27:17...

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Sharpening a knife or other tool takes intentionality and focus. GABC South's Men's Ministry will provide times for men to come together to be men, to share together the joys and struggles of manhood, to pray together as men, serve together as men and lead together AS MEN.

Winter Bible Study

The Men's Bible Study for Winter 2018 will be "All the King's Men." This study will take a look at manhood from a Biblical perspective. Using exampled of faithful men in the Scripture, this study will find out how men are to lead in their homes, churches, workplaces, and in public. This will be a study that encourages men to see what the Bible says we should be, and that it is possible to be a godly man.

"All the King's Men" will begin January 10 at 6:00 PM, at the same time as the women's Patriarch's study. No book is required and registration is not necessary. Youth and children's ministry takes place at the same time. The study goes through March 14th, and each week will be a stand alone lesson, so if you miss a week or get behind, you won't be lost! And, you'll be able to find past week's studies on our WEBS page and on iTunes.

Men's Ministry Calendar

  • All The King's Men

    Men's Bible study

    WEDNESDAYS @ 6:00PM - Room 104

    Manhood and true masculinity is under attack in our culture. There is a plague of fatherlessness that affects many areas of our culture. But, what exactly does the Bible say about what it means to be a man? All The King's Men will be a journey through the Bible to discover true principles of Biblical manhood. It will be an encouraging weekly study for men as we seek to be Men of the King.

  • Men's Prayer Breakfast

    May 12 @ 8:30AM - GABC South Campus

    The three things you need to know about this time is in the title.

    1. It's for men.

    2. We're going to pray. Not just ask the blessing, and not just a few people praying. We're going to spend focused time praying together for our families, our church, our country, and the lost.

    3. We're definitely going to eat!

    Prayer breakfasts will be once a quarter, and are free of charge.