Connect Groups

Connect Groups are where people get together for Bible Study and fellowship at Green Acres South. Many of these groups are geared towards specific people, based on age groups, singles & married, men & women, etc. Wherever you are in life, we have a group for you!

Please, take a moment to get to know our groups. Click here for a map to the classes.

NOTE: Due to COVID, we are currently gathering in fewer groups until our attendance returns to a more normal level. Our current Sunday Connect Group meets in room 102/104.

  • College & 20's

    Rusty Goodwin - Room 112

    Whether you're in college, working or somewhere in between, this class will help you think about this transitional period of your life from a Biblical perspective. Rusty brings experience as believer, father of college kids, and worker in the "real world" that gives him insight into what students in today's culture are experiencing. 

  • Young Adults 25-45

    - Room 102/104

    The years from 25-40 see many changes in most people's lives. In these years, most people will get married, begin families, start and change jobs, purchase their first home, and welcome their kids' teenage years. This class will be a place where adults, whether single or married, with kids or without, can find a community of people experiencing the same struggles and joys they are going through. 

  • Median Adults 45-65

     - Room 103

    Whether you're still in the parenting years or an empty nester, this class will help you navigate these unpredictable years. Struggles during this time can be life-shaking, and the joys can be just as moving. This class's leaders, pull from their experience to connect these life experiences to Biblical truth to show how to faithfully navigate these changing times.

  • Senior Adults 65+

    Rhamy Morrison - Room 105

    Sometimes, reaching those golden years is an achievement in itself! But, reaching retirement age is no time to sit back and watch everyone else do the work! Whether you are retired or still working, Rhamy and Peggy will help you see it all from a Biblical perspective and see that God isn't finished with you yet! Join other people your age and see how you can continue running the race faithfully. The best is still yet to come!

  • Ladies

    Lisa Williams - Room 103

    Regardless of your age or if you're married or not, if you're a lady, then this class is for you. Join other women to discuss what it's like living faithfully as a woman in today's culture. Learn and grow from the experiences each other have gone through in life and see how you can live a life pleasing to God. Lisa teaches from heart that passionately loves the Lord, and from experiencing the joys and struggles of life. This group will encourage you, support you, and help you see how the Bible is meaningful to your daily life.

  • Hub Youth

    Rooms 113-114

    Our youth ministry classes meet together initially, then divide into multiple groups to discuss the topics more in depth. You can find out more about the youth ministry SMBS classes on the youth page.

  • Children & Nursery

    Rooms 106-109

    Our Children's Ministry SMBS classes and nursery/pre-k are in our kids' area at the back end of the education wing. You can find out more about these classes on our Children's Ministry and Nursery pages.

What will we study?

Adult SMBS at Green Acres South uses the Explore The Bible curriculum. Most of us agree the Bible is true and relevant for our life. But sometimes, we just don't know how to make the connection. 

Explore the Bible is a book-by-book Bible study for adult Bible Study classes that takes participants deep into the context of God's Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context. Explore the Bible presents a rich study experience that pursues biblical context through:

Balanced study plan

Archaeological and historical background

In-depth Bible commentary

"Context passage" that reveals larger biblical context

Engaging group discussion questions for every book of the Bible

Clear application points in each session

Who wants Breakfast?

Due to COVID, DWD will not take place until further notice.

On the last Sunday of each month, join us for a potluck breakfast at 9:00AM. You can bring something to share and bring a mouth to fill. Even if you can't bring something, be sure to come eat with us! After breakfast, all adult classes head in to the worship center, for a group Bible Study with South Campus Pastor Dustin Slaton. Sometimes, our Youth Pastor, Boogie Wynne, pops in to teach...we call that Breakfast with Boogie!