Train up a child

South Kids

The mission the children's ministry at Green Acres South, is to introduce children to Christ, help them grow in their understanding of who Jesus is, and prepare them for service in the Church, all while having a lot of fun! 

GABC South Kidz is for children Kindergarten to 5th grade. Take a look at the information below to see what is going on at GABCS Kidz.

If you're looking for more specific information about our nursery care, check out our Nursery Page.

Our Kidz and Nursery classes are in our Kidz area at the back end of the education wing.

Gospel LIght for Kids

During Sunday Morning Bible Study (SMBS), the kids' classes use Gospel Light's Sunday School curriculum. This material takes the kids on a journey through the big stories of the Bible and reveals the thread of the Gospel throughout. Gospel Light's curriculum helps parents continue the discipleship process at home. Each child will go home with parent discussion guide so parents can continue the conversation at home or in the car, and make sure the child understands what they are to do with what they've learned.

The highlight of your week

Kids Wednesdays

The Roman Road is a tried and true pathway of explaining the situation of sin and the beauty of the Gospel. In our Wednesday class, the children's ministry will be journeying through the Roman Road, helping kids clearly understand the Gospel message.

Join us on Wednesdays this Winter for Roman Road: Ultimate Trip!

Children's WEBS is at 6:00PM.