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As we respond to the COVID-19, Coronavirus situation, GABC Tyler and South will be taking precautions to comply with local and national government requests and to seek to ensure a safe worship environment for our members and guests. This page will update you on changes made to our schedule and events. We encourage you to like our Facebook page and sign up for our email updates so you can be sure to get the latest information.

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  • Update From Wednesday August 19th

    This Sunday, August 23rd, GABC South will begin having Small Groups again. The name of these groups, which was Sunday Morning Bible Study (SMBS), will be changing to Connect Groups, along with GABC Tyler's name change. As we begin, we will have

    • 2 Groups for Children
    • 1 Group for Youth
    • 1 Group for Adults

    All groups will begin at 9:15, per our normal schedule. The adult group will be showing their class live on our GABC South Facebook page, beginning at 9:30.

    Wednesday groups and classes will begin on September 9th at 6:00PM.

  • Update from Sunday August 2nd

    The policy below was enacted on August 2nd by the Administrative Committee as an addendum to new guidelines enacted by the Tyler Campus.

    All South Campus Staff and Volunteers must abide by the following procedures during

    South building office hours Monday through Thursday of each week and other times when present within the building. (Sunday is excepted because Pastor Dustin and Rhamy

    Morrison informed Staff and Volunteers with respect to Sunday (email dated July 14, 2020).


    A. Face Masks (coverings) - We ask that you wear a face mask while within the

    building. When you are within your work area, at your option, you may remove the mask.

    VIC work area is the vicinity of the Daytime Entrance. If you leave your work area for any reason, wear your mask. If in the presence of any other person(s) within the building,

    please ask the person(s) to wear a mask.


    B. Cleaning Personal Work Areas - For your own protection and the protection of

    others, we ask you to wipe down surfaces and items within your work area daily that you

    contact. Such as desk, file cabinet, pen, door handle, etc. Use disinfecting wipes or

    disinfecting cleaner. Do not overlook your keyboard, mouse or printer. Please follow this

    procedure immediately prior to departing for the day.


    C. Responding to ILL Staff - All ILL Staff should be treated as COVID positive until

    proven otherwise. (1) Notify Rhamy Morrison of all possible exposures. Rhamy will

    confidentially advise Ken Warren. (2) If an employee provides a medical doctors note

    instructing them not to be in the office, the employee must follow the guidelines of the

    doctor. The employee may not decide to be at work because they say they feel well. (3) A

    medical doctors note must be submitted to HR / Payroll PRIOR to returning to work. All test results from COVID are to be submitted to HR / Payroll. (4) When an employee follows these guidelines, time off for COVID will not reduce allotted time off (leave) days. (5) If an employee is advised to remain at home, they have the option of working remotely over those days.


    D. Response to ILL volunteers - Any ILL volunteer should take the precaution of a

    reasonably prudent person to rule out that their Illness is COVID. We ask any ILL volunteer go to their medical doctor and follow their instructions. If a volunteer believes or is advised they have been exposed to COVID the volunteer should contact their medical doctor as soon as possible. Also we ask you advise Rhamy Morrison of an exposure (or possible exposure) to COVID or a positive test for COVID as urgently as known. Rhamy will confidentially advise Ken Warren.


    E. Access to South Campus Building - All persons wishing to meet with anyone within

    the building or to perform specific tasks during regular hours must call ahead and make an appointment. No one is to be admitted to the building except staff, VIC assigned volunteer, or a member of the Administrative Committee. This is because the staff does not occupy their offices throughout the day or every day. Additional people in the building during working hours could make work areas less safe. There are approved volunteer activities that do occur from time to time during the week. Most activities may be completed remotely as well as could most business transactions. Deliveries are to be left near the daytime entrance and the VIC can manage bringing the boxes or items into the building.


    F. Room Usage - No rooms are to be used for any purpose unless pre approved by the Administrative Committee or Campus Administrator. Individuals should continue to

    complete the Event form and submit to the Administrative Assistant. The South facility is

    not set up to follow the Tyler Campus procedure of testing everyones temperature.

  • Update From Wednesday 7/15

    Together Again!

    This Sunday, we will once again re-open the South Campus for worship! Worship will begin at the normal time of 10:30am. We will ONLY be having worship, with no weekly SMBS classes until further notice. 

    I want to thank our Administrative Committee, and especially Rhamy Morrison and our Building and Grounds Team, for going the extra mile to ensure the facilities have been thoroughly sanitized. The building will undergo a final cleaning this weekend in preparation for Sunday's services.

    As we continue moving through this second wave of the COVID virus, it does seem that more people are coming down with the virus. If you are worried about attending a worship service, then please feel free to remain home and worship along with GABC's Digital Campus. If you do feel comfortable enough to get out, then I hope you will join us for worship. If we feel comfortable enough to head to the restaurant or a busy grocery store, we should feel comfortable gathering for worship!

    As we do gather, I ask you to continue to maintain social distancing, and ask that you respect others' desire to remain distanced. The GABC Staff and volunteers will be wearing masks when interacting with the church members, and we encourage you to wear a mask as you enter, until you take your seat, and as you exit the building. Once you're in your seat, you can remove your mask if you wish as we worship. Wearing a mask isn't a requirement, but simply a request out of respect for others as we love our neighbors.

    As I close today, I want to share with you a Psalm I have been meditating on this week. I confess that the ups and downs of COVID, and the canceling, restarting, canceling, and restarting of worship has been emotionally and spiritually draining on me. It has thrown off my natural daily rhythms, and even the flow of the church calendar that I have been accustomed to for 15 years of being in the church ministry sphere. Being kept from gathering, talking, worshipping, hugging, and laughing with you, my church family, has been a significant loss for me. I love you and want...actually, NEED to be with you! So, Psalm 13 has been an tremendous encouragement to me this week, as I remember the faithfulness of God, and remember that he is sovereign over our enemies...even the viral ones! I hope it is an encouragement for you as well.

    How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever?
    How long will you hide your face from me?
    How long will I store up anxious concerns within me, agony in my mind every day?
    How long will my enemy dominate me?
    Consider me and answer, Lord my God.
    Restore brightness to my eyes; otherwise, I will sleep in death.
    My enemy will say, “I have triumphed over him,” and my foes will rejoice because I am shaken.
    But I have trusted in your faithful love; my heart will rejoice in your deliverance.
    I will sing to the Lord because he has treated me generously.
    Psalm 13

    There is coming a day when this season of ups and downs will be behind us. Until that time, I hope you will join me in continuing to rejoice in the day the Lord has made, because each day is a day to praise him and glorify our wonderful savior!

    I hope to see YOU on Sunday for worship!


  • Update from Thursday 7/2

    Effective immediately, July 2nd, the South Campus facilities will be closed until July 15th, and all South Campus activities are cancelled. 

    A GABC South member who was in attendance this past Sunday morning became ill Sunday evening, and after being tested for COVID-19, has been confirmed to have the illness. At this time, the member is feeling much better, and does not believe the condition is serious. Please keep the member in your prayers.

    The decision to close the campus was made by our Administrative Committee out of an abundance of caution, and was made with input from our GABC Tyler leadership. They have not made this decision lightly. While we want to be together worshipping, we also must take every precaution to make sure we do not cause other people to be exposed to COVID-19. An official statement from our Administrator, Rhamy Morrison, is below.

    During this time, I want to encourage you to connect to GABC's Digital Campus on Sunday mornings at 10:30AM. You can find this on the South Campus website, Tyler Campus website, or on GABC's Facebook page.

    I want to thank each of our staff and volunteer leaders who have worked hard to create a safe environment at GABC South since the beginning of May. This present two week pause is no reflection on them, but is actually just another example of their desire to keep our church members and guests safe as we come together for worship.

    As I think about what God is doing in this COVID season, I've often come back to the story of Paul and his companions in Acts 16. Twice, they attempted to go into areas to spread the Gospel, but the Spirit prevented them from going. I'm sure that was frustrating to Paul, and I've felt that same frustration today and in previous months. But, I have to remember, that on the heels of those Holy Hindrances, came Paul's direction to take the Gospel to Philippi. That turned into a very fruitful season of ministry that still blesses us even today through Paul's Letter to the Philippians. This story reminds me that God's plans may not always make sense to us at the time, but he always has a plan. At this point in history, COVID-19 somehow fits into that plan. We may not know how or why right now, but I believe we will understand sometime in the future!

    I miss you all, and I look forward to seeing you again face to face on July 19th!

    Honored to be YOUR Pastor,

    From your South Campus Administrative Committee:
    The Administrative Committee recommends GABC South error on the side of caution. While there are many warnings and recommendations from multiple resources, the Committee suggests to quarantine the campus and communicate to the church membership to utilize this time to attend church services online until the end of the quarantine date (July 15, 2020).Due to privacy recommendations, the person affected is not to be mentioned by name.

    The Committee further recommends that the staff not use the facilities until the end of the quarantine date. During this time, each of the offices will be thoroughly disinfected.

    Additional information: The Christus-Mother Francis COVID hot line (800-458-4559) provides several alternatives to address peoples' concerns. They do have testing available if recommended by a physician. Otherwise, if a person does not have any 2 of the listed symptoms, they do not recommend any testing. Mobile testing is available at the locations and dates listed in the KLTV link or on their website.


    ​Rhamy Morrison

    Administrator/BEG Chair

    GABC South

  • Update From Wednesday 6/17

    Beginning on Sunday, June 21, we will be holding two open SMBS classes, which will be a mixture of all of our SMBS class members. We still do not have childcare available for children aged birth - 5th grade. However, you are welcome to bring your kids along with you! Classes will still observe distancing guidelines. They will meet in rooms 102/104 and 112/113 at 9:15am.

  • Updates from Monday 5/11

    Come On In!

    This Sunday, you’re invited to come inside for worship at Green Acres South! We’re excited to have the “all clear” to open our doors for worship once again. Worship will begin at our normal worship time, 10:30AM.

    I have already heard from multiple people that they do not feel safe coming inside for worship yet. That’s absolutely fine! If you feel uncomfortable, or are in an at-risk category, I encourage you to stay home and worship along with the GABC Tyler broadcast! You can find it at 10:30 on our website,

    If you are coming to worship at the GABC South Campus, here’s what you need to know to make this a great day of worship, while observing safety precautions to assist in maintaining safety.

    -We’ll be having worship ONLY. There will be no SMBS classes on campus until GABC leadership deems it safe to do so.
    -We have spread our rows out to where there are 6’ in between each row. Household units may sit together, with two chairs left between the next household unit. PLEASE observe these guidelines. You may not be concerned with sitting closer to someone, but it may make someone else uncomfortable to be that close.
    -Please keep your hands to yourself. Many people are not yet ready to shake hands and hug, so let’s maintain social distancing until later this summer. 
    -Masks are encouraged, but not required. If you are uncomfortable being around people who aren’t wearing masks, please feel free to stay home, because there will certainly be maskless people!
    -There will be no in-service welcome time for the foreseeable future. Please greet people (with distancing in mind) before and after the service!
    -We will not be taking an offering by passing the offering plates. Instead, you may place your offering in the offering receptacles provided near the doors.
    -We will not have a down-front invitation. However, I will be available at the end of the service to speak with anyone who needs prayer or wants to make a decision.
    -The only rooms that will be open will be the worship center and the restrooms. Restrooms will be limited to two people at a time.
    -Once the worship center has reached capacity, we will set out overflow chairs in the lobby.
    -Our facilities will be sanitized during the week in preparation for the following week’s services.

    When you read all of these guidelines, it sounds very restrictive. My hope is that, even though we’re spacing ourselves out, the togetherness will still be authentic. I’m excited to worship with you, being able to hear your voices and see your faces! Even with the precautions, we’re going to have a tremendous day of worship.

    I hope to see you on IN WORSHIP Sunday!


  • Updates from Tuesday 4/7

    Online Worship and WEBS: Worship will continue online only through the month of April. You can find these services using the links above.

    MEBS: Monday Evening Bible Study has ended as of April 6th.

    Gospel Online Bible Study: Dustin will lead a video-based online study called "Gospel: Recovering the Power of Christianity," taught by JD Greear. You can find out more about this study and register by going to our Gospel Study page.

    Midday Encouragement Videos: Throughout the week, we are posting quick videos of encouragement made by staff and church members. These can be found on our Facebook page.

  • Updates from Wednesday 3/18

    Last night, we had a meeting of all of our Ministry, Administrative, Staff, and Deacon leaders to discuss our plans for the next few weeks. Here's what we want you to know:

    Cancellations: as mentioned on Monday, ALL on-campus and off-campus activities at the Tyler Campus and South Campus are cancelled until further notice.

    Sunday Worship: Pastor David and GABC Tyler worship will live stream a worship service each Sunday at 10:30am. You can find this service at The feed will also be shared to the GABC South Facebook page on Sunday morning.

    SMBS: We will live feed the SMBS lesson on our GABC South Facebook page at 9:45am on Sunday mornings.

    WEBS: We will live feed the SMBS lesson on our GABC South Facebook page at 6:00pm on Wednesday evening, beginning March 25th.

    Offerings: Even though we're not meeting physically, there are still bills and expenses the church must cover. Please continue to give during this pause in ministries. You can give online at, or mail your offering to GABC South, 1010 CR 137, Flint, TX 75762. Whether you give online or by mail, PLEASE REMEMBER to indicate that your offering is for the South Campus. Thank you for your faithfulness!

    Contact: The Personnel Team has recommended our staff work remotely for the next few weeks. That means there will not be anyone answering the phones at the office, but staff will be answering their email, and available by cell phones. Please call us or email as needed. Especially feel free to call Pastor Dustin if you have any need, concern, or question. If you don't have his number, email him at, and let him know you need him to give you a call.

    Letter: A physical letter is being mailed out today, Wednesday, to church members to let them know more details about changes.


    On Monday, March 16th, GABC leadership announced that ALL CHURCH EVENTS have been cancelled until further notice. This includes Tyler Campus and South Campus, and includes worship gatherings, SMBS, midweek events, anything on-site, and anything off-site.

    Sunday's worship will be shown via livestream online and on Facebook each Sunday, with a message from the Gospel of John from Bro. David, as well as live worship. We will provide links to these very soon.

    For a complete message from Pastor David, please click here.

  • UPDATES from Sunday 3/15

    Schedule Changes

    WEBS: Wednesday Evening Bible Study is cancelled for March 18th.

    Wednesday Meals: We will postpone beginning our new Wednesday night meals as long as kids are still out of school, which for now includes March 18th.

    Game Night: Game Night on March 20th has been cancelled.

    CERT Family Day @ The ROC: This March 21st event has been cancelled.

    Gary Jordan’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration: The March 22nd celebration has been postponed until a later date.

    I Still Believe” Movie Viewing: We will not officially encourage you to attend the “I Still Believe” movie on March 22nd. Instead, we would encourage you to go watch it, and take some friends with you, at a safer time.

    Donuts with Dustin: IF we do have Donuts with Dustin on March 29th, we will ONLY serve food bought and served by our events team. WE WILL NOT SERVE FOOD BROUGHT TO THE CHURCH BY MEMBERS.

    Gathering and Worship Changes

    Offering: Offerings will be collected using the offering pedestal in the lobby, as well as on the tables at both main entrances to the worship center. You can also give online at When you do, be sure to select Green Acres South as the designated area you want your offerings to go toward.

    Greeting & Parting Songs: We will not have our usual meet and greet time during the worship service until it is deemed OK to do so. We will also not hold hands as we sing our parting song.

    Hugging & Shaking Hands: It seems awful to recommend NOT showing these symbols of love and affection, but for the sake of all those here, it is wise to keep physical contact to a minimum. The worst thing that could happen would be to spread the virus, unknowingly, to others.


    Our meeting areas are being sanitized during and following each service. Our kids areas have been completely sanitized, and will be continually cleaned during any gatherings. Soap and additional hand sanitizing areas are being made available.