more than a goal of numbers. A goal of souls.

220 x 20

In 2018, Pastor Dustin Slaton challenged Green Acres South to reach an attendance goal of 220 by 2020. This isn't a goal of numbers, but a goal of souls. One of Green Acres purposes is to Evangelize God's World. As we are faithful in obedience to the Great Commission, God will grow his church, just as Jesus promised in Matthew 16:18.

As a part of our 220x20 emphasis, we will be hosting evangelism training, outreach opportunities, and partnering with other ministries in the community to reach others for Christ.

GABC South members are encouraged to us the 3, 2, 1 Strategy:

3-Write down the names of three people to pray for.

2-Pray Two Prayers

- Pray for each person by name, praying for their salvation.

- Pray for opportunities to share Christ with him or her.

1-Take a Step of Action

Take every opportunity to share Jesus with that person (and others too!).

If we believe that God answers prayer, wants sinners saved, and works through his people, then our efforts will most definitely be rewarded, and the church of Jesus Christ will be growing!

Please make the commitment today!