Past WEBS Studies

I AM: Beholding Christ in the Gospel of John

Beginning with the original "I AM" statement on Mt. Sinai, discover what "I AM" means, see how Jesus referred to himself as "I AM," and learn what it means for us as believers in 2017.

Unfortunately, we had technical problems with the recording on Week 3 and 9. To access the outlines for those weeks, click below.

I AM The Light of the World

I AM Jesus

The Temple & The Tabernacle

Journey from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem in this study of God's dwelling places from Genesis to Revelation. We'll discover some of the background elements of the Old Testament tabernacle and temple, see how it applies to 21st Century Christianity.

(Audio for weeks 6 & 7 is missing.)

If you want to go even deeper and discover more details about the Tabernacle, the Temple and God's presence then and now, be sure to check out Danny Hays' book "The Temple & The Tabernacle." You can find out more about the book by clicking here.